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Annual Auction at Marbach State Stud

Horses for Sale 2019

March 3. and 10., 2019, main indoor arena: Presentation of the auction horses (loose jumping and under saddle). Admission free. Assessment ride by appointment.

Auction: Saturday, March 16, 2019, 2 pm, main (indoor) arena.


Marbach State Stud

72532 Gomadingen-Marbach


Price per ticket:  VIP: Euro 20 (designated VIP area with tables) | Euro 12 (grandstand, seated)

Advance bookings: Phone +49 73 85 96 950, E-Mail:


The majority of the horses for auction are born at Marbach State Stud.  After weaning from their mothers, the foals are reared at one of Marbach’s other four stud farms near the main stud.  Grouped into herds, the foals enjoy daily turn out into the vast and healthy pastures in the heart of the UNESCO – biosphere “Schwäbische Alb”.  The young horses learn to build trustful relationships with people in a playful way.

At the age of three years, the young horses return to the main stud, where they become accustomed to saddle and bridle by our experienced riders.  The horses are carefully and gently broken in based on the “Traditional Guidelines for riding and driving”.  Feeling safe within their familiar groups, the young horses learn quickly within a stress free environment.  Regular turn out into the fields of the main stud adds variety and balance.

Besides their natural aptitude for dressage, show-jumping or eventing, Marbach’s youngsters stand out predominantly for their positive character and temperament, making them exceptionally reliable horses.

At this year’s stud auction our skilled team of riders under the Head of Training, Karl Single will present a selection of horses aged three to seven years, including promising sport horses for dressage, show-jumping, eventing and reliable horses for pleasure riding. Veterinary checks of all auction horses can be pre-viewed upon request.

We invite you to see for yourself the quality of our horses and training, because buying a horse is a matter of trust.     

A loyal customer at Marbach’s auctions:  Olympic rider Martin Schaudt with the Head of Marbach State Stud, Dr. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck and the three-year-old horse Jefferson (photo: Max Schreiner)

5Stud auction: 16 March 2019 at 2pm

Presentation of the horses for auction:

  • 3 March 2019 at 1pm
  • 10 March 2019 at 1pm
  • 16 March at 10am


Dr. Astrid von Velsen-Zerweck

(0 73 85) 96 95-25

(0 73 85) 96 95-10


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